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Women’s Adventure Film Tour 2024

Movie in English with German subtitles - The Women’s Adventure Film Tour returns for its 8th season, celebrating extraordinary women in the name of adventure.

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 The Women’s Adventure Film Tour has been celebrated for its unique approach to showcasing women achieving their adventurous goals. Unlike traditional adventure films focusing solely on extreme feats, this tour aims to inspire everyone to step outside their comfort zone and challenge their boundaries – their personal Everest. It's a celebration of bravery, perseverance, and the indomitable spirit within us.


  • NGR: The Fabulous Life of Nancy Greene Raine 

    N.G.R. has spent a lifetime showing the world what it means to love a sport. As a ski racer, coach, Olympic champ, mountain-resort visionary and Canadian Senator, Nancy Greene Raine is an inter-generational household name for many Canadians. But how much do you really know about Sun Peaks’ local celebrity? 

    Turning 80 in 2023 and surpassing a milestone that a younger N.G.R. had never predicted, she’s left her footprint on both the resort and sport communities she’s led. Nancy is our Sun Peaks secret ingredient. Not only has she constantly empowered the next generation of skiers, she helped put Sun Peaks on the map as a world-class destination, and a welcoming community. A place that whether you're a local or a visitor, you always feel at home. 


    For MB, it’s time. She’s long dreamed of going to the salt to chase a new species on a fly rod, and now, it’s her opportunity. But there’s a hitch. She’s not interested in the A-list of fly fishing species. Permit? Not right now. Bonefish? Might be nice. Trevally? Well, that’s a long plane ride. No, MB wants to do this her way. She wants… a tripletail. For Danielle, saltwater species are home. From the Eastern shore of Mobile bay, all the way to the Florida Keys, she’s cut her teeth on every saltwater species imaginable. She’s passionate about protecting tripletail and raising awareness for the species. Together, they’ll travel across the south, deep into the Alabama River delta to try and catch what many consider one of the most unique fish in saltwater.


    "The girl who found happiness”. Combining my two passions and following the path to finding myself through a stunt.


    Extreme Minds is a groundbreaking documentary that delves deep into the mental health benefits of extreme sports. This feature-length film combines personal stories of athletes with expert insights from psychologists who specialise in adventure therapy. The film showcases how extreme sports have the power to transform lives, improve mental and emotional well-being, and build resilience.Viewers will be captivated by the personal journeys of athletes who have faced mental health challenges and found healing and solace in extreme sports. The documentary features interviews with highlining, BASE jumping, big wave surfing, and freediving athletes who share their inspiring stories of overcoming trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues through their participation in these sports.As a case study, the film introduces an individual who is facing mental health challenges and has never tried extreme sports before. The documentary follows this individual as they receive guidance and advice from the athletes featured in the film and participate in extreme sports. The experiences of the case study, including their interactions with sporting communities, are captured in the film, and viewers will see firsthand how extreme sports can be a therapeutic tool for those facing similar challenges.

    This groundbreaking documentary pushes the boundaries of conventional therapy and highlights the potential of extreme sports as a means of promoting healing and well-being.


    Step by step. To the rhythm of Yangji's sure and steady pace, we walk through her life journey, as she returns after many years of absence to the poor village in the Everest region where she grew up. She who turned her back on the mountain as a teenager in the hope of escaping the misery that reigns in the valley of her childhood never thought she would come back, and even less so with the title of mountain guide... This portrait is part of a series entitled 'Altitudes' which explores the many facets of the relationship between man and mountain across the world and cultures.


    Morag Skelton believes that nothing should come between anyone and getting out there in nature. As a deaf climber constantly pushing the limits of possible, she lives that belief.The Ascension Series explores stories of people pushing through barriers to define themselves in the great outdoors. Part two features Morag Skelton who doesn’t let being deaf limit what’s possible on the mountainside.


    Cyclist Anna Lena Kempen gave life to the idea for The Frigid Bitch Race over 9 years ago because there wasn’t a space for her in the male-dominated cycling field. She wanted to create an inclusive space for women (and quickly realized the importance of including all underrepresented genders). The race would be harder, longer, colder and more terrible and awesome than other races, and it would be just for us.

  • SOLO

    Solo is the account of one woman's mission to run solo and unsupported across mountain ranges on six continents—overcoming obstacles, conquering fears and finding the joy in achieving her goals absolutely alone.

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